Baby Signs

Baby Signs is a method that underlines spoken language with signs.


You surely must have experienced this:

You step out of a plane in a country whose language you don’t, or barely speak. You look around, but the written texts make any sense to you. You do not understand a single word people say to you. Nevertheless, you want to go to your hotel and you are looking for the exit to find a taxi. You say the word “taxi” and you get back incomprehensible speeches. Your dumbfounded expression is then met with hand, arm and head movements, pointing fingers. You copy this way of communication and after much signalling and gesturing, you finally get where you wanted to be.

We all use use signs, to a greater or a lesser extent. It is a universal way to communicate and it is completely natural.

Although a baby typically starts talking at around one and a half years old, it can communicate with signs from 6 months old. This makes it possible for parents to gain more insight into the life experiences of your baby, long before it can talk. As a result, you get less frustrated when you no longer need to second-guess what your child means to say.

Thanks to Baby Signs, you know exactly what you child wants to say.

And then the bonus:

There are many more advantages to the use of signs when communicating with your baby, namely a tremendous boost to the development of the spoken language and a reinforcement of the bond between you as parent/educator, and your child.

Above all, a baby who can make itself understood, who feels seen and heard, grows significant self-confidence and contentment.


You can learn Baby Signs with your baby in 3 lessons.

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I can also give tailor-made training and hold classes at your home. You can contact me to discuss the various options.


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As teacher in Baby Signs I am a member of Gebarenstem, founded by Lissa Zeviar. She is the writer of the book ‘Babygebaren’, about the theory and practice of this communication method for babies.


Gebarenstem trains teachers in Baby Signs and monitors the quality of the courses and workshops for parents, caretakers and professionals.


Read more about Baby Signs:                                                                                                                   book ‘Babygebaren’ by Lissa Zeviar & Julia Douwenga

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